Unnatural Links and SEO Penalty Recovery

A search engine penalty is what SEO companies call the negative impact new algorithm changes have on a website’s search rankings. The penalty can be an unfortunate by-product of the engine’s effort to improve their services, or an intentional hit for black hat practices.

Penalty recovery is the process through which a website will attempt to regain the rankings they lost to such changes. The responsibility to sort such problems out often falls to the SEO partner of the website, though the task is much more difficult than most people realize. Selecting the right people for the job decides whether or not a site can regain their rightful place in the SERPs after any algorithm change.

The Link Cleaner Difference

There are two distinct kinds of penalty recovery and link removal services: the wrong way and the Link Cleaner way. Most companies look at link cleaning the same way as they would vacuuming a carpet – they get rid of everything in one fell swoop and think that rankings will improve automatically. This is almost never the case, though, as such strategies run the risk of erasing the good with the bad.

Our team has all the necessary experience to correctly identify unnatural links that need cleaning, and keep the ones that are working perfectly fine. This of course requires a thorough analysis of how specific links affect a website and whether their removal will result in the best possible effect.

The Link Cleaners understand that each link exists within a website’s eco-system, and helping a partner recover from a search engine penalty requires more finesse than force. This is easier said than done, and it takes some SEO professionals years before becoming fully competent in penalty removal. It’s the complex nature of this work that pushes us to specialize in this particular field of search engine optimization.

The Link Cleaner Recovery Confidence

Clients and partners have come to rely on our laser-like focus on this aspect of their websites and sort through all the unnatural links associated with them. Businesses and websites have little to fear when there’s an impending algorithm change on the horizon. This is because they’re always confident that even if they get hit, we’ll always be there to clean any unnatural links, and restore their site to its proper place on the SERPs.

Feel free to contact any of our team members for any clarification or inquiry regarding the process of penalty recovery through the channels provided on our Contact page.