Spotting Links That Put Your Site in Trouble

Managing a website is not an easy task. You have to keep tabs on Google updates and make sure your content’s in line with them. One wrong move can put you and your site in trouble. A mistake site owners commonly commit, intentionally or otherwise, is putting bad backlinks. You can avoid this by spotting suspicious links and not putting them on your site. Here are some things to watch for.

Poor Quality Content

SEO companies stress the importance of content to a website. It’s what makes the site alive, and if it’s of poor quality, it may put you in trouble. Linking a page with that kind of content to yours compromises its credibility. If a site’s blog reads like bluff and fluff, don’t backlink.

If it’s full of unproven and unnecessary write-ups, backlinking to it will make your site look just as unreliable. So, read carefully and choose properly.

Outdated and Irrelevant

If it’s already a few years old, and nothing new has been put up, better not link to it. Online content has a relatively short shelf life. Unless it’s a news item, you’re using it as a reference, and it’s on a reputable site, don’t link to it.

When backlinking, check if the linked page still has the content you need. Some sites change owners, and the blogs and references change, as well. They may become irrelevant to yours.


If you get an error code when trying to access a page, your site’s visitors will, too. It goes without saying that you don’t need it for your website. As the owner, it makes you look bad. It makes the content seem spammy, as well.

These are just a few things to consider when spotting troublesome links. Faulty links can cost you your ranking and credibility. Should you have problems with them, we at will help you solve and avoid them in the future. We offer bad backlink removal services, and we will monitor your links thoroughly.

Our process makes sure your site will recover from the blow. With the help of our skilled webmasters, we will help you spot, avoid, and keep off bad backlinks for good. For more information, contact us today.

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