Why Link Cleaning Makes a Big Difference

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In hopes of getting better rankings on Google, we understand if you may have hired a shady SEO company in the past. We won’t argue that what they do will work—but chances are it didn’t(won’t produce) lasting results. This is because they will use bad backlinks to populate your site. Sure, you will see traffic spike for a while, but one thing’s for sure: it won’t last long. And if you’re really unlucky, you will have Google breathing down your neck.

Here at Link Cleaners, we would urge you to get reliable SEO assistance from the start. You may not see a big jump in traffic in days, but you’ll know that your site has a good foundation. Nonetheless, we won’t blame you for seeking the fastfood technique. Now, it’s time to clean the backlinks, start fresh, and hope for the best.

Let us explain how it went bad for your site. After all, knowing is a big part of acceptance.

Foreign Language Backlinks

On the face of it and by the measure of any other metric, questionable backlinks are bad and unnecessary. It’s useless, and will only contribute to Google hounding your website.

Pure SEO Backlinks

SEO is good, especially when it’s tastefully integrated. It’s when marketing and quality content meet and agree. Pure SEO, however, is ugly. It’s ugly to read, it’s ugly to look at, and will lead to shady websites trying to get exposure.

Mention in Plagiarized Content

Google Panda targets low-quality texts, including duplicated ones. This is to encourage sites to create content of their own, even in the same subject. This is for the good of everyone, and if you get proper SEO assistance, you’ll get content with substance. If someone name-dropped your site as a part of plagiarized content, it’s no good.

Let Link Cleaners expedite the process for you. We will be comprehensive and strict to ensure that your website gets proper footing. You may have to start from scratch in many ways, but our staff is here to assist you. We won’t leave you alone, not until we make sure that your site is healthy.

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